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8 Different Ways to Use AI to Generate Videos

Posted on date: 17 Jan, 2024

If you are reading this article, then you already know that you must invest in video content.

And, we won’t deny, you are on the right bandwagon.

90% of marketers like you trust video, because of its power to cater to people with short and long attention spans (alike); to effectively combine audio, visual & text; and help deliver information easily!

But the one problem you experience time and again are — budget cuts, lack of resources and deadlines. So, we have a simple solution for you.

Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Cutting-edge innovation and technology is transforming the way we do things and now that has extended to video creation as well. AI can’t replace human creativity but can save hours and dollars at every phase of the process — irrespective of the size of the marketing team.

In this article, we explore how AI is being used for different aspects of video making:

Let’s dive right into it

The best way to use AI for video making - Video generation

If you came here looking for ways in which AI can help you make more videos, this one's for you.

The traditional way of producing video content is long and tedious. From writing a script, building a storyboard, choosing the right set of images and videos, adding background score, rendering and resizing, there’s a lot that needs to be done and it can take almost 3 weeks to get the final result.

While the AI tools we’re recommending below can help you every step of the way, jumping from one solution to another can be fairly tedious too!

What if we said there is one AI tool that can help you take care of it all and generate a high-quality video in no time?

Meet Videomagic.

With Videomagic, all you need to do is tell AI which industry you are in and what URL you’d like to create content around. The tool then reads all the data and suggests the best fit video types and formats for different channels, alongwith recommended templates to present the content in the best way possible.

All you need to do is pick the video format that suits your goal the best, let AI generate the final video, download and use it.

It also has a powerful feature called Video Stacks wherein a user can simply input a URL and the engine recommends a mix of videos from multiple categories, best suited to help conversions. Imagine the relief for marketers struggling to keep up with content calendars!

7 other ways to use AI for Generating Video Content

    While there are many ways in which you can use AI to generate videos, here are the top use cases:

  • Conceptualization
  • This is the first stage of video production and arguably the toughest.

    Even the most regular and consistent content creators complain about the lack of inspiration or a writer’s block — which can be downright frustrating.

    Sometimes that could mean a day, a week or even more than a month. Hence, smart marketers have begun to utilize AI capabilities for brainstorming. Tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard, Jenni.AI are perfect to research and generating ideas.

    With access to copious amounts of data, AI is able to spot trends and popular themes which gives you various perspectives and creative angles.The output produced can then be used as a starting point to direct the team’s efforts to make a good brief.

    Strong video scripts cannot be made without a brief. This will answer all key questions related to the video.

    This includes:

    • Goal : What do you want to create?
    • Audience : Who are you speaking to?
    • Topic angle and key takeaways from the video : What theme does the video belong to? What do you want your audience to take back? How do you make your video stand out?
    • CTA on the video : What is the next course of action by the audience?
    • Platforms for video distribution: Where are you going to distribute the content like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube etc.

    Key benefits of brainstorming with AI:

    • It is impossible to grow through hundreds of pages of content on the internet; while researching for a video. With AI, you are able to cut down the research time to seconds.
    • AI is now able to offer contrarian perspectives, counter-arguments along with in-depth and up to date information. By asking the right questions/giving the right prompts, you are able to unearth different types of insights rather quickly.

    PS. If you’re using Videomagic, our AI video generator can suggest the best type of videos for the URL you want to create content for. All you need to do is tell us your industry and give us a link - get started for free!

  • Creating video scripts for multiple ideas
  • The second step to video creation involves actually writing the scripts. Generative AI writing tools like and Writesonic can be leveraged to create simple scripts.

    But how?

    • Use the already existing content of the company. This includes articles, ebooks, guides, newsletters and reports. Convert them into video scripts for distribution.
    • Identify the different types of videos that you need to make. For example, product videos are going to be different from sales/marketing collateral, educational content etc. Once decided, use detailed prompts in natural language to create scripts. The more details you provide (like theme, tone, duration), the better your results will be! Remember, that is an iterative process. Keep changing your prompts, or asking for better answers, till you are satisfied. With custom prompts on Chat GPT, this process can become easier.

    Key Benefits of creating scripts with AI:

    • A marketer’s true best friend is data. AI can scour through the internet, to identify top performing trends, insights that can help create scripts with powerful narratives, character development & plot progression.
    • The benefit of being a machine learning tool is that it is pretty damn consistent with tone and voice. Uniformity can be delightful to the audience; across a really long-form video content or even across a series!
    • Apart from being a great writer, AI is a great editor. It can detect errors in spelling, grammar, and formatting. Apart from that, it can spot inconsistency in narrative, structure or overall flow. This ensures that you produce high-quality scripts, with little to no room for error.
    • With Bard, Chat GPT 4 & other tools that are connected to the real world data, personalization becomes easier. Data can be used to personalize scripts according to region, location and preference. This helps to enhance viewer engagement.
    • Most importantly, AI helps speed up the pre-production process. Loglines, synopses, treatments, and outlines can be added easily.

    PS. If you have been struggling with video scripts and going back to the whiteboard too many times, try Videomagic. All our AI video generator needs is a URL and we handle the scripting for you - get started for free!

  • Creating Storyboards
  • After the scripts are finalized, AI can be used for storyboarding. AI tools can be used to visualize creatives without investing too much time and energy.

    As marketers, you can actually spend more time playing with ideas, trying different execution methods or even pitch ‘out of the box’ campaigns to your boss.

    This becomes even easier, with plug and play tools like With easy and ready to make templates, photos can easily be converted into high quality videos.

    With a combination of ML/AI models and automation techniques; the tool is able to convert a product link into multiple video renditions based on target audience, destination platform, seasonality, video type, and call to action.

    Storyboarding is no longer complicated, but the most fun and easy step in the video production process.

    Key benefits of using AI for storyboarding:

    • Powerful AI & ML models can decode a script to generate a storyboard with different shots and angles. This saves a significant amount of time, energy and effort — resulting in an accelerated workflow.
    • Most importantly, all iterations, refinements and modifications can be made with a few clicks. This facilitates creativity and flexibility. You are able to get a more finished end product, which helps you create videos better.
    • AI storyboards can create more realistic visualization of the final product. As a marketer, you will be able to gather an initial understanding of the effectiveness and impact of the final video that would be generated.

    PS. Did you know that when you use video generation tools like Videomagic, you don’t need to use another AI tool for storyboarding? We do all the heavy lifting for you - get started for free!.

  • Creating and Editing a Video
  • In the post production process, video editing takes a lot of time and energy, sometimes as long as even 10 hours for a 5 minute video.

    But luckily there is a solution.

    Tools like can analyze raw footage/find the best pictures and videos and stitch them together. The algorithm is able to recognize patterns, follow narrative structures, and even adhere to music beats.

    From the timing of transitions to voice-overs to background audio — the complete formatting, and rendering can be completed with a few clicks.

    Despite being crafted by AI, the end output will look similar to any other professionally created video. This means that content production should be as easy as walking in the park.

    Key benefits of using AI in video editing:

    • AI tools can be used to scale up your video production easily, without the investment in costly equipment or a large team. Most processes of editing and formatting can be automated, which saves time and money.
    • Any brand invests in multiple formats of a video like product specifics, how-to, testimonials, user generated etc; across websites, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and marketplace listings and more. With AI algorithms, each of these permutations and combinations can be refreshed weekly. This helps to prevent creative fatigue within the audience, and in turn increases engagement and conversions.

    PS. Did you know that creating and editing videos, despite using AI tools, can take almost a week to produce the final piece? This is where Videomagic comes in - the videos generated require no editing, are well suited to all acceptable sizes or aspect ratios and are ready to use. Get started for free!

  • Fine tuning of videos
  • If you have ever looked at footage and cursed at the grainy quality, then we have a hero to save you.

    AI tools can provide photo and video quality enhancement. This can convert your low resolution footage to up to 16K (TA-DA!) with ease. This is especially useful for improving video content extracted from Zoom recordings, smartphones and more.

    The results are truly impressive and can be used with other footage easily.

    Key benefits of fine tuning quality using AI:

    • Shaky or low quality footage can be distracting and annoying. There is a high chance that the audience will drop off almost immediately after viewing a poorly produced video. Fine tuning can be a complete game changer to achieve smooth and high resolution video output.
    • Today, brands are built on content. High quality output shows a stronger brand image and customers tend to trust the brand more. With fine tuning, there is no need to reshoot or discard bad quality content.

    PS. Did you know that Videomagic uses AI to generate high quality videos from your photos and clips? You don’t even have to rely on other tools to finetune the video quality - get started for free.

  • Adding text on videos
  • AI in post production is nothing short of a blessing. It can automate tedious and time-consuming tasks; and take the strain off smaller marketing teams.

    One such task is adding text to videos.

    Subtitles and closed captions are preferred by video viewers across all platforms; and you don't need a research paper to prove that. Videos with captions and subtitles have become a norm across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok etc. More importantly, 80% of viewers are more likely to finish a video with subtitles

    For example, AI tools like can be used to automatically transcribe dialogue from a video, saving editors and content writers the time and effort of manual transcription.

    It is able to automatically add subtitles or closed captions to a video. This makes it accessible to a wider range of audiences.

    Later, it is possible to customize the look, feel, size and content to match your brand preferences. This helps to improve readability and visual appeal.

    Key Benefits of Adding text on videos with AI:

    • By automatically adding text to videos, AI tools can help save hours of time and hundreds of dollars.
    • Closed captions and subtitles make the content accessible to a broader range of audiences. This included people with hearing or visual disabilities, people who don't understand/can’t follow the language spoken, viewers who want to watch the content on mute and more.
  • Localisation
  • Every single time that you don’t invest in translations, it is a missed opportunity to reach a larger demographic. At one point of time, marketers used to avoid localization, since it burnt a huge hole in their pocket.

    From hiring multilingual actors, to dubbing audio over video — the tasks were time and resource heavy.

    But, with AI tools, marketers can instantly translate the voices in the video into more than 100 languages — that too, without breaking the bank, clock or brain.

    For example- Gary Vee, a popular content creator on the internet, just translated his subtitles and video title text and got nearly 250K more subscribers on different subsidiary YT channels, created for a global audience.

    Key Benefits of Translation with AI:

    • With translation, content can reach more people. This makes it widely accessible across different audiences.
    • Previously, manual translations would become time consuming and expensive, especially across a broad gamut of languages. With AI tools, the entire process becomes instant, saving hours and thousands of dollars.

    PS. Did you know that another form of localisation is adding information related to the content in the video? For example, if you’re promoting a real estate listing, Videomagic can help pull in local information to also display things in the area that might influence the buyer’s decision.


Aytekin Tank, Founder & CEO of Jotform spoke about the huge increase in site traffic and signups from investing in video; and his interest in ramping up efforts on YouTube. Like Jotform, many companies are looking to generate more and more video content in 2023.

Fortunately, AI is transforming the way videos can be produced. It has the potential to automate repetitive, time consuming and resource heavy tasks easily — freeing up your time to focus on creativity, strategy and distribution.

The benefits of AI are undeniable, but switching from one tool to another can be as tedious.

This is where an all-in-one AI video generation tool comes in handy and Videomagic is the solution you’re looking for.

Ready to generate videos for as little as $5 and in just 5 minutes or less?

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